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Jordan Stempleman’s “verse don’t at cold core make me” (for Alli Warren), presented at Art Sounds, KCAI, April 8, 2014



Where a small lamp is already burning, I don’t light my own.

Antonio Porchia


Man, when he realizes that he’s a joke, doesn’t laugh.

Antonio Porchia

“… Celan knew that the Shoah was the revelation of the essence of the West.” —Maurice Blanchot (via spiritandteeth)

Chris Grayling wants to stop anyone outside Parliament from legally challenging its decisions! A good article in the LRB by a former Lord Justice of Appeal, Stephen Sedley, that dismantles Grayling’s position. And a petition here for those in the UK who want to protest this. And while you’re at it sign against the water cannon the police are trying to buy so that they can control us when we have to protest with any vigour at these betrayals of justice. 

Good article in the LRB on ghosts in Japan…

"The mistake of philosophy is to presuppose within us a benevolence of thought, a natural love of truth. Thus philosophy arrives at only abstract truths that compromise no one and do not disturb. […] They remain gratuitous because they are born of the intelligence that accords them a possibility and not of a violence or of an encounter that would guarantee their authenticity."

Deleuze, Proust and Signs

“During the First World War Hölderlin’s hymns were packed in the soldier’s knapsack together with cleaning gear.” —Heidegger, ‘The Origin of the Work of Art’  (via spiritandteeth)

Small wonder that Celan refuses to talk ‘technique’, that he is contemptuous of the professionals of ‘literature’ stirring up their ‘flurries of metaphor’. Craft is a prerequisite for him, like cleanliness, not worth discussing. He admits exercises, but only ‘in the spiritual sense’. Here we are at the core of Celan’s relation to writing. It was not a game for him, not experiment, not even ‘work’.

Writing, as he tells us in ‘The Meridian’, meant putting his existence on the line, pushing out into regions of the mind where one is exposed to the radically strange, the terrifying other, the uncanny. And at the moment when existence is actually threatened, when his breath fails, when silence literally (if momentarily) means death – at this moment a poem may be born. If so, it pulls us back from the ‘already-no-more’ into resuming breath and life.

This continued. (via ofresonance)

(Source: america-wakiewakie, via ggwookie)

Man arrested for burning Knausgaard book


A 37-year-old man was arrested in Malmø, Sweden after he set fire to a book by Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgaard in a local bookstore. The man claimed he ignited the book because he thinks Knausgaard is the worst author of all time.

The fire was quickly extinguished on Tuesday and the man seized after he tried to stop attempts to put out the flames. Police later said the man was too drunk to undergo formal questioning.

The bookstore, meanwhile, declined to press charges because the burned book wasn’t worth much. Nor did the man try to steal the book, opting instead to throw it on the cement floor of the bookstore where it wasn’t possible for the fire to spread.

Knausgaard has otherwise received rave reviews and international acclaim for his epic series entitled Min kamp (My Struggle), which has been translated into a variety of languages. The book that was burned was a copy of the fourth volume of the series that commanded much media hype when it first debuted.


In 1975 an excavation of the 4000 BC Bogebakken cemetery in Denmark found a baby boy laying beside a young woman. It seems the mother died giving birth to the boy. The boy was laid on a swan’s wing. He had a flint blade on top of him as he would have had if he had died as a man. The woman was decorated with snail-shell beads, pendants, and ochre. 

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